Cold winters mean drier air, which can cause annoying static electricity, make you feel colder and even increase your risk of getting sick with colds, flu and other viruses. A humidifier is an excellent start to solving some of these problems.

Maintaining the optimum 30% to 50% humidity range in your home during the winter is essential for comfort and health, and a whole-house humidifier is the best tool for ensuring optimum humidity levels.

How a Whole-House Humidifier Works

Installed directly into your Toronto HVAC system and connected to a water source, a whole-house humidifier sends water down a hole-filled panel between your blower and duct. As air passes through the panel, it becomes humidified before entering your duct system to be delivered to your rooms. A humidistat attached to the system lets you control the amount of humidity in your home. Essentially, it connects directly to your furnace and works in tandem with your duct system to ensure the humidity in your home is optimal.

A whole-house humidifier will benefit you in five key ways:

1. Save Money on Heating

Have you ever noticed on hot summer days that “it’s not the heat, it’s the humidity”? The same principle applies once winter hits: humidity in the air makes it feel warmer. A whole-house humidifier provides enough humidity to allow you to turn down the thermostat by a few degrees, saving you money on energy costs.

2. Help Prevent Illness

Recent research shows that flu, cold and other viruses are more stable in dry air. Droplets of moisture containing these viruses evaporate quickly in dry air, enabling them to stay airborne longer and increasing your chances of breathing them in.

Additionally, low humidity dries out the nasal passages, causing tiny cracks that are an open invitation to viruses looking to make you sick. A whole-house humidifier will prevent the droplets from evaporating before they settle out of the air, and will prevent your mucous membranes from drying out.

3. Preserve Wood and Paint In Your Home

When humidity levels drop, any wood in your home like flooring and millwork becomes prone to splitting and cracking. Wood flooring manufacturers sometimes even include humidity level maintenance as a warranty condition.  Similarly, paint on your home’s walls can chip once the humidity level drops too much.

4. Prevent Static Electricity

Dry air promotes static electricity that makes your hair stand on end, zaps you at every turn and may damage your electronic devices. Increasing the humidity level in your home will put an end to annoying static electricity.

5. Increase Your Comfort

Let’s face it, no one likes dry air in the winter. It makes skin, hair, eyes, nose and throat dry out and feel scratchy. We Canadians spend up to 90% of our time indoors, so we might as well make the experience a good one!

A Humidifier Can Change Significantly Your Home

Talk to your friendly Air Tech Toronto representative about whether whole-house humidifiers are right for your home. They could help you endure cold and flu season much better, and get more enjoyment out of the coming winter.

Request a Free Humidifier Quote – No Obligation!

Now that fall is on its way, many people are considering getting their old furnaces replaced before winter hits. If you’re concerned about the expense, there’s good news. If you live in Toronto there are a number of furnace rebates you can apply for to help offset the cost. And there’s more to save on than just furnaces…you can also save on hot water tanks, central air conditioners and even lighting.

With these rebates, you’ll be saving twice: on the purchase price, and on your energy costs going forward.

1. Enbridge Gas Distribution’s Upgrades Furnace Rebates

Enbridge is offering up to $2000 in rebates for qualifying energy efficiency upgrades in these Toronto communities in York and the Greater Toronto Area. If you’re in the market for a new water heater or furnace, this program could help you, and the program covers a wide variety of other upgrades too.

Before you buy anything, make sure you get the energy audit first. After your audit, you can purchase an energy-efficient furnace or hot water tank and one other item. In total you will need to achieve at least 25% in gas savings in order to get your rebate. This will need to be confirmed in the follow-up audit after the installation of your new equipment.

Visit Enbridge’s Know Your Score Website to Learn More

2. Ontario Power Authority’s Furnace Rebates: Up to $650

Air Tech Toronto has been helping homeowners claim up to $650 on high-efficiency furnaces and air conditioners for the past few years. The OPA Heating and Cooling incentive program is open to Ontario residents who upgrade their systems.

Find Out If You Qualify on the OPA Rebate Site

3. HydroOne’s Coupons For Energy Efficient Products

You can download almost a dozen coupons for products like LED light bulbs, weather-stripping, Energy Star-certified light fixtures and ceiling fans, hot water pipe wraps and outdoor lighting timers.

View the Coupons and Participating Retailers

4. City Of Toronto’s HELP Loan Program

The City of Toronto wants to help you invest in energy efficiency upgrades for your home. You’ll be able to borrow money at an extremely low-interest rate to pay for improvements that qualify. You can have up to 15 years to repay the loan, and you can even pay back early without a penalty.

You’ll be able to use your loan for new, energy-efficient heating and cooling equipment like high-efficiency furnaces, boilers, central air conditioners, water heaters and HRVs (heat recovery ventilators).
Not all neighbourhoods in Toronto qualify yet, but there are many that do. You can find out all about the process and what’s covered on the HELP site.