The Importance of Toronto Boiler Repair Services

Toronto Boiler Repair Services

It might only be the end of January but it’s never too soon to start thinking about scheduling professional Toronto boiler repair services to take care of your spring boiler maintenance checklist. While your boiler receives the majority of it’s use during the winter months it’s also important to ensure its working properly after being used so heavily and can support your needs throughout the spring and any cool summer nights. Scheduling boiler repair services from a reputable company like Air Tech Toronto is the best way to ensure your boiler maintenance checklist is completed every year.

Toronto Boiler Repair Services Spring Checklist

  1. Safety Valve Re-calculation & Re-certification: The safety valve on a boiler is incredibly important as it is the final line of defence against any sort of catastrophic boiler failure such as over-pressurization. Modern boilers usually have safety checks and controls, but older models need to be checked regularly to ensure they’re functioning properly incase repair or replacement is necessary.
  2. Fireside Gaskets: Fireside gaskets should be checked regularly and replaced as necessary. Consulting with professional boiler repair services to ensure this is done correctly is essential to the health of your boiler.
  3. Boiler Pressure Gauge Re-calculating: Many boilers have pressure gauges that are mounted directly on the boiler itself. These gauges can deteriorate over time and become less accurate. If the gauge is showing more or less pressure than the actual pressure inside the boiler your boiler might not be operating efficiently or safely. A professional boiler technician can ensure your boiler gauge is properly calibrated.
  4. Flat Glass Replacement: The gauges on your boiler are very simple analog tools that tell you all the information you need to know about your boiler. As they age they can become weak points in your boiler system as the flat glass over the meters can weaken. If the glass cracks or breaks you could be in for significant boiler downtime.

Overall, it’s important to contact professional Toronto boiler repair services like Air Tech Toronto to ensure your boiler is repair by a reputable company with the knowledge and experience to do things correctly. For more information about Toronto boiler repair services contact us at 905-737-5016.